How It Works

Data -> Unit -> Action
  1. Patient goes home with a personalized tablet

  2. Sending data from wearable FDA approved devices to a Central Monitoring Unit

  3. New level of oversight keeps patient in optimal wellness at home

  4. Hospital visits are avoided and preventative care is administered

  5. Cognitive computers analyze data in real-time to provide predictive insight and catch life threatening incidents prior to them happening

Patient Centric Care at Home

Tablet Customized For Each Patient

  • Includes Your Electronic Medical Record containing Hospital and/or Nursing Home History

  • Personalized Diet from Dietitian

  • Personalized Exercise from Rehab Department

  • Medications and Schedule for Dosing

  • Personalized Preventative Care Program

  • Allows immediate contact with RN and MD

  • Allows immediate 911 intervention

Critical Actions, Alerts, and Response

An Educational Tool

On a daily basis Monitor Me will educate

the user and caregiver and/or family member on:

  • When to take your medicine

  • What rehab exercises to do

  • What diet to follow

  • Pertinent health tips

  • When appointments are scheduled

  • Immediate notification to family  when there is a critical change of condition 

What does it mean?

Lives are Saved

Quality of Life Improved

Costs Drastically Minimized