Frequently asked questions

What is hemodynamic information?

Hemodynamic information is the measurment of your blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level and blood sugar levels.

Is my information secure?

ImagineMIC has implemented industry leading cybersecurity encryption and HIPAA compliance in every bit of data transmitted between our cloud and connected devices.

What does the Monitoring Intervention Center do?

The patch streams your hemodynamic data live to our Monitoring Intervention Center (MIC). At the MIC, our clinical team is alerted in real-time to any abnormality detected. We then can take the approriate action necessary to keep you safe at home while simultaneously coordinating care with your personal doctor.

Tell me more about the patch capabilities?

The patch is a lightweight (18 grams), disposable, water resistant, FDA-approved monitoring device which is applied to your chest and lasts 5 days without a charge. It is also hypoallergenic and streams 2 readings of your electrocardiogram while tracking your heart rate, respiratory rate and skin temperature. With built in technology it can also detect falls. Additonally, we can track your blood pressure, blood glucose and weight through Bluetooth external devices.

What is the price of ImagineMIC ?

Please contact us for introductory pricing.

Do you accept insurance?

No, not at this time.

When is ImagineMIC available?

We are taking pre-orders now and expect shipping to begin February 2019 in New York State.

Can information be shared with my doctor?

Yes, information can be shared with your doctor once you give your consent.

What is ImagineMIC?

ImagineMIC is a downloadable application that helps bridge the gap between doctors and patients at home. The ImagineMIC app is easily installed on computers, tablets, cellphones or televisions, giving patients the ability to communicate with a nurse or physician 24/7/365. A lightweight (18 grams), disposable, water resistant, FDA-approved patch lasting 5 days without a charge which streams real-time hemodynamic information to our clinical team. If you need additional vital signs monitored, ImagineMIC has the capability to receive data from Bluetooth enabled blood pressure cuffs, scales and glucometers.