Physician & Nursing Oversight

In the Comfort of your Home

Patch Technology Streams in Real-Time:                     

Bluetooth Streams:

blood pressure, blood glucose and weight  

  • 2 lead EKG

  • respiratory rate

  • oxygen levels

  • skin temperature

  • fall detection

  • heart rate

Instant access to a nurse and / or physician providing a

familiar face and peace of mind.


Connected. Supervised. Comprehensive.

By the push of a button communicate immediately with 

your nurse/physician or access other features



One device                          

complete coverage

Mobile access to patients with iPhone and Android.

A virtual audio/visual consultation with patient specific hemodynamic information.

Cybersecure with HIPAA Compliant Network 

Critical Actions, Alerts, and Response


The Future of Healthcare



Exceeding Expectations

ImagineMIC has implemented industry leading cybersecurity encryption and HIPAA compliance in every bit of data transmitted between our cloud and connected devices.  

Monitoring Intervention Center

Patch Technology 

Highly Experienced

The Monitoring Intervention Center (MIC) is staffed with board certified emergency medicine physicians and other paraprofessionals with extensive emergency room backgrounds.


Lightweight (18 gms), disposable, hypoallergenic, water resistant and lasting 5 days without a battery charge. Streams your every heart beat live to the MIC as well as other pertinent hemodynamic data.

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